Music is my best friend you could say, it is the art form that I deeply feel and care for, the
most I even dare to say.

As a young child I remember listening to my grandmothers voice as she was singing the traditional
and beautiful songs that
used to be sung by rice farmers, a tradition that had its history from way back in time.

The songs revealed joy and sadness at the same time and had a message of solidarity.

It was 1985 when I unfortunately had to leave my home country, Iran, this due to
reasons that are well known for those of you who have read or heard about the
political climate that dominated the country at that time.

Although I no longer have the privilege to see my country anymore, there is something within me ,
feelings and visions that are very alive in my mind and they convey beautiful colors and images,
sometimes even foggy images just like the nature from the providence I was born and raised in: Gilan.
The result of my memories and these beautiful images are portrayed in my music, and if you are curious
you can find my songs on my site:

I have spent a lot of time on Iranian etnic music, classic music and event other foreign music.
I think music is the mutual language that can cross barriers easily, and in my collaborations
I have worked a lot with foreign musicians who I have learnt a lot from and I am still learning.
It gives me energy and self-confidence to see that together, no matter what origin decent, we can
create fantastic music with each other. For this I am forever grateful.