Info & Lyrics Album “AEEN”

1.Ba man bia

2.Yaad ha

3.Man Jaan-e  Jaanaanam


5.Harf bezan


7.Ma amadim

8.Atash va cheshme

9.Baz aamadam


11.Khode to janae jahani

12. Human Rights

Anis music goes best to describe as a dynamic entity that attracts diverse beats and textures.
Her base is found in the Oriental melodies and beats, but what makes her unique is her willingness to mix them with other music genres.
Despite the fact that she is a pure singer as she put much focus on instruments, with the result that the songs have a more solid and tight.
She is also not afraid to experiment with different types of instruments that are usually not linked.
Her love for all the world’s music cannot mistake. It feels authentic and challenging yet familiar.
Anis songs are structured in a more linear manner instead of the classic arrangement which is circular with repeating verses and choruses.
This makes the listener may join a developing and non repetitive musical journey on each track.