Anis Moin &  human rights song: SAME IMPORTANT MESSAGES  AND SAME MELODY IN 8 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES!In 2008, this musical project named Human Rights song was started. The goal was to use song and music as tools to raise the importance of democracy, freedom, and the equal value of people around the world.
The result is nine songs performed in eight different languages, three minutes each.
The total length of the project is about 30 minutes.Anis Moin, singer, producer, and creator of the project, was greatly motivated and inspired by the Cyrus’ cylinder, dated to the 5th century BC, where the Persian King Cyrus II proclaimed the liberation of the oppressed peoples.
The proclamation, issued in 538 BC. concerns freedom of religion and the rule of law and has been considered as the first human rights declaration. These are enormously important values that we can never talk enough about, says Anis.“As an Iranian (who had to leave my homeland Iran, where the regime controls everything with an iron fist and oppresses people to the maximum), I am aware of injustices and violations of human rights. Therefore, it hurts extra in my heart to see people deprived of their human rights and freedoms, no matter where they live and come from.
I feel even more pain of our silence against the oppressors! Music is a great tool for conveying different messages. I strived for a way to highlight the importance of a humane rights and I think that is noticeable in these songs in 8 different languages. ” – Declares Anis Moin.The song’s lyrics contain verses from the world-famous Iranian poet Saadi Shirazi who 800 years ago wrote one of his most world-famous poems that begins with: From the same being, from the same soul, we are together as a whole …“The original text in Persian is a combination of poetry from two Iranian poets, Saadi Shirazi (from the 13th century) and Ebrahim Safaie (20th century) that I have edited. Thanks to a good collaboration with other music artists who participated in the project, we managed to do this multilingual text translation.” – Says Anis Moin.Anis has collaborated with many artists and among them there are: Firaz Razak (Arabic), Benjamin Garzon (Spanish), Gunnel Mauritzson (Swedish) Gursel Dayan (Kurdish), Kadir Celik (Turkish) and Thomas Stuve (German) who edited and translated the song lyrics.To hear parts of the songs, please visit Anis Moins Human Rights on Youtube: date: To be announced soon!For more information contact us: +4673-981 09 05